Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Summary of new features in the latest platform updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

A quick summary of new features in the latest platform updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Platform update 7 (May 2017)

  • Configuration data projects - This feature provides an updated user interface to easily export configuration data, and the ability to easily manage templates and projects.
  • Static export to Excel limit increase from 2k to 10k - The static Export to Excel limit has been increased from 2k to 10k to allow more rows to be exported from a grid
  • Development tooling - New tabbed workspace pattern - You can now include tab pages that house embedded Power BI reports
  • Development and customization - Extending a group control - Support for extending an extended form, for example, extending a form that is already extended in a referenced model
  • Development and customization - Extending the Country Region Codes property
  • Development and customization - Validating events on form data sources and form data source fields - Validation events on form data source (FormDataSourceEventType) and form data source fields (FormDataFieldEventType) now support invalidating user-specified values.

Platform update 6 (April 2017)

  • Ideas portal - With the Ideas portal, all Dynamics 365 for Operations users can submit new ideas, vote on existing ideas, and track status of their ideas in a consistent manner.
  • Browser framework - New control for developers  PowerApps Host control. Dynamics 365 for Operations introduces a new control for developers, the PowerApps Host control.
  • Browser client - Ability to model toolbar actions in the overflow menu
  • Build automation - Automatic update of model version during build
  • Build automation - Option to include runtime packages in the deployable package of the automated build output
  • Number sequence scope extensibility - You can now extend the number sequence scope through extensions.
  • Mobile - ability to set workspace visibility for different user groups
  • Mobile - Added the ability to auto detect required attributes, through form and table metadata, to denote mobile fields as mandatory during data entry
  • Mobile - Option to fully localize mobile workspaces for all Dynamics 365 for Operations supported languages.

 Platform update 5 (March 2017)

  • EventHandlerResult classes in request or response scenarios - You can now use the EventHandlerResult class for scenarios where the delegate (event) logic requires its subscribers (event handlers) to provide at least one response so that no result is lost when there are multiple subscribers and multiple results.
  • Customization Analysis Report (CAR) justification - When you suppress a best practice warning within a suppression file in the AxIgnoreDiagnosticList folder of your model, and include a justification, the justification text will appear in the CAR report of your model.
  • Telemetry - When a model is built, the telemetry framework collects information about Microsoft classes and methods that are referenced by customer and ISV code. This provides Microsoft with much needed information regarding what part of the standard application code is included in backward compatibility requirements
  • X++ compiler and try catch blocks - DuplicateKey and UpdateConflict exceptions do not roll back a running transaction, are no longer caught in the catch all.
  • Personalization - Enhanced administration features for personalization.The personalization administrator can now apply or remove form personalizations for groups of users. Previously personalization administration was only possible one user at a time.

Platform update 4 (February 2017)

  • Monthly updates: Dynamics 365 for operation releases moved to monthly updates pattern.
  • Embedded Power BI reports are licensed for all users: Additional functionality is available for users who have Power BI Pro licenses.
  • Build and release workspaces that have embedded Power BI reports: You can build and release workspaces that have embedded Power BI reports, to provide interactive and visually engaging experiences for users.
  • Mobility: Mobile framework is updated to build unique online and offline experiences. Mobile framework also starts supporting iOS and Android devices.
  • Visual scheduling: MS updated Gantt chart integration, added new visual icons, localized formats, updated user efficiency, and improved resource management features.
  • Feedback: You can provide your feedback to Microsoft for improvements.